IEEE Future Networks World Forum
15–17 October 2024 // Dubai, UAE

Symposium on Spectrum Management in Future Networks



Wireless communication has become a vital aspect of human life, with increasing demand for improved services. However, meeting this demand requires efficient utilization of spectrum. The regulations and policies governing spectrum allocation are outdated, leading to inefficiency due to the growing number of devices and demand. Moreover, the emergence of 5G and 6G networks has created new challenges as these services require support for massive machine-type communication, ultra-low latency, and high data rates. To address these challenges, efficient spectrum management is crucial. The usage of higher frequencies, integration of heterogeneous wireless networks, and rise of new wireless services and applications further increase the complexity of spectrum management. Spectrum management for future networks demands new approaches to sensing, sharing, allocation, and access. This research area requires interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise, including signal processing, wireless communication, regulatory policies, and economics. Therefore, researchers and practitioners are encouraged to submit original and high-quality research papers that address the challenges and opportunities in spectrum management for future networks. 


Our goal is to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among academic researchers, industrial practitioners, and professionals working in this exciting and emerging field of research. We invite individuals from diverse backgrounds to share their innovative ideas, latest findings, and perspectives on potential use cases, open research problems, technical challenges, and solution methods in this context. Topics will include but not limited to:

  • Spectrum sharing and allocation in future networks
  • Spectrum sensing techniques for cognitive radio networks
  • Dynamic spectrum access in future networks
  • AI/ML techniques for spectrum management 
  • Interference management in shared spectrum networks
  • Spectrum efficiency in future networks
  • Policy and regulatory issues related to spectrum management in future networks
  • Coexistence of different wireless technologies in shared spectrum environments
  • Spectrum auction mechanisms for future networks
  • Spectrum pricing models in future networks
  • Spectrum measurement and monitoring techniques in future networks
  • Spectrum database management for dynamic spectrum access
  • Spectrum aggregation techniques in future networks


All papers should be submitted via EDAS, Symposium on Spectrum Management in Future Networks track. Full instructions on how to submit papers are provided on the IEEE FNWF 2024 website:

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